Fade Hair Cuts for African American Men

Professional styling.

A fade haircut is one that transits gradually from short hair to long hair. Variations of hair cuts exist though they have a gradient transition. They are ideal for both casual and formal looks. As long as one has an experienced barber, there are unlimited options to try. The taper fade cuts are known to be one of the earliest forms of fade cuts. There are some styles that are liked by many people than others. Here’s a good read about short bob haircuts, check it out!

The Caesar taper fade is suitable for the African Americans due to the dark hair and skin complexion. Long haircuts feature at the top of the head while the short cuts feature at the sides. The top hairs are long and are swept forwards. Short borders and bangs can be combined sideways.

The Mohawk taper fade has long hairs at the top of the scalp than that at the back. It is thus possible to lift them in a faux hawk design. The length of the hair increases from the top to the bottom. Pomade can be used to style the hair back at home.

There is the afro taper fade that works greatly for men with kinky or curly hair. It is styled from the top, and light decreases downwards till it is minimal. Black men love this style varies much.

The temple fade is a popular haircut suitable for all colors and skin tones. This style needs a skilled hairdresser to do it perfectly. It has clear, abrupt and visible lines of transition from long cuts to short hair cuts. To gather more awesome ideas on fade haircut for black men, click here to get started.

The high tamper fade is the style of its kind. It fades with the skin around 2 inches or less from the hair top. Is can be work for any person, but black men stand out with this cut. The pomade can be sued to hold the hair tight and keep the hair shiny easily. Using a hair get to style up the hair is a god thing.

Men who are almost bald have something to make them stand out in the name of bald taper fade. It fades from nothing at the sides to the top of the head where the fade is the largest. This fade makes the bald less visible.

There is the comb over fade where the bottom is trimmed regularly to this design. The top hair is allowed to grown long while the bottom hair is controlled at some levels below the top hair. The top hair is combed sliding backward.


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